Working With Us

Hands-on, experienced VC teamWe are a complimentary team with VC background, entrepreneurial experience and a track record of backing the most promissing tech-based startups.

Our MissionSupporting the best high tech companies going from local to global

  • The World Class, Local VCWe invest at an international level and standards, with a global outlook.
  • Thinking GloballyWe look for potentially unique global winners, solving big problems with solid products.

What We Look ForBacking Scalable, ICT Companies.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the disruptive areas in the next years with potential to impact all industries and sectors.


The base technology that is changing how businesses work and delivering a decentralized future.


Businesses with high potential to scale and become unicorns.

Big Data

The backbone of future decision making and efficiency and thus capturing attention globally.

Enterprise SaaS

The trend for software as a service plays is clear and many industries are yet to be disrupted.

IOT / Robotics

A strong component of the 4th industrial revolution and a growing sector.


High potential in terms of return since the sector is still very traditional but highly profitable.

Security and Privacy

With companies depending more and more of technology and the cloud, these are key areas.

We back ambitious founding teams solving big problems.