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Top Golden Visa Funds: Indico VCII Invitation

If you are considering applying for a Golden Visa in Portugal, Indico's Funds are top performers in the European market and fully compliant with the necessary requirements.

We have dozens of Golden Visa investors in our funds and are now accepting investors for a new fund compatible with Golden Visa - Indico VCII (more information below).

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Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa program stands as an attractive option for individuals seeking to obtain residency in the country through strategic investments.

The program instantly grants qualifying investors and their family the right to live, work, and study in Portugal for 5 years, after which the investor can apply for Portuguese citizenship (provided they meet the requirements). After acquiring citizenship though the Golden Visa, foreigners become eligible to obtain a Portuguese passport.

From the get go, the Portuguese Golden Visa acts as a golden passport that allows free movement in Europe's Schengen Area and visa-free travel to 172 nations.

This residency-by-investment scheme targets non-EU nationals and has the lowest requirements relative to similar programs in Europe, starting from €500 thousand and requiring no relocation (only 7 days yearly).

Fully-compliant funds

At Indico we house several Golden Visa compliant funds, one of which is currently still accepting new investors: Indico VCII.

Indico VCII will invest in Enterprise SaaS, Deep Tech, Space Tech and AI startups with a strong base in the Southern European diaspora.

This fund meets the requirements of the Portugal Golden Visa program:
- Registered under Portuguese legislation
- 5 years minimum maturity at investment date
- 60% of the investment to be realized in commercial companies headquartered in Portugal.

For more info on the Portugal Golden Visa program read the full legislation on the SEF website.

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Indico VCII is a € 100 million fund where alignment of interests with the Management Company (which will also be an investor in the Fund) are assured, with the sharing of capital gains with investors after the distribution of 1.25x of the capital invested.

All our investors receive quarterly best-in-class performance reports and are invited to participate in quarterly calls with the Indico team and portfolio. Co-investment opportunities are available and we welcome the close interaction between our investors and our companies. Often, our investors add significant value to the portfolio.