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Andre Jordão
Founder & CEO at Barkyn
Ana Catarina Guedes
Co-Founder and Marine Biotechnologist at Inclita Seaweed Solutions
Ana Catarina Guedes
Co-Founder and Marine Biotechnologist at Inclita Seaweed Solutions
Diogo Mónica
Co-Founder and President at Anchorage Digital
Marcelo Lebre
Co-Founder and COO at Remote
Vasco Pedro
Co-Founder and CEO at Unbabel
Rui Brandão
Co-Founder and CEO at Zenklub

We invest in the most globally promising Portuguese, Spanish and Italian related companies

Indico invests in tech and sustainable companies. Our tech funds target unique Web3, Software as a Service (SaaS), marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), fintech, cybersecurity and digital companies. Our investment in tech companies ranges, mostly, from Pre-Seed to Series A (from 100k to 10M euros), and we selectively back companies at Series B and C as well.

While we take sustainability into account in all our investments, we also have specific funds that seek to invest in climate action focused companies. Particularly, in what relates to the ocean, we focus on globally differentiated startups that can have a positive impact on marine ecosystems and also on ocean-related SMEs that have the potential to significantly expand their global footprint and sales. In this area of focus, we target companies with headquarters or very significant operations in Portugal and can invest between 100k and 5M Euros per company.
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We are often the first investors into a startup!

We love working close to ambitious and driven founders. This is why we created the Indico Founders Program. It's the best way to start working with the Indico Partners when the company is at a Pre-seed or Seed level. Tech or ocean related startup founders that apply to our Indico Founders Program, and get selected to participate in the program will also integrate into the Indico wider community of pre-seed to late stage startups and have a chance to meet, discuss and learn with dozens of successful founders, Indico’s local and global partners, and many of our fund investors and VC co-investors from all over the world.
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Would you like to invest in our funds?

We have the privilege of counting as investors many global institutions, funds of funds, corporates and education institutions. But we also have many family offices and individuals as investors, several of them successful entrepreneurs and highly knowledgeable of the tech world.

Our funds are also compatible with Portuguese Golden Visa residency program applicants and with Portuguese corporates seeking SIFIDE2 tax incentives.

All our investors share our purpose to support the most promising companies and founders and many contribute actively to the development of our portfolio. As an investor you can be as close as you want to the portfolio, investing side by side with us, mentoring, opening doors and sharing your experience! You get the quarterly best in class performance reports reports and update calls, but much more and can help create the next global entrepreneurial success stories.
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