Welcome, Investors

Our track record over the last decade, as investors and entrepreneurs, coupled with a diverse and comprehensive background of the whole team, enabled Indico to attract significant capital from global and local investors since 2018.
We currently manage over 140M euros in 4 funds - three tech funds and one ocean sustainable fund. Since 2018 we have screened over 2700 investments, invested in 34 companies, a total of 41M Euros, and our portfolio has now raised more than 1.7Bn Euros from global investors.

The tech funds and ocean fund are now oversubscribed and being invested. We are happy to share comprehensive information about our funds and track record. Soon we will launch a new fund compatible with golden visa and SIFIDE - if you want to know about it as soon as it launches send us an email.

All our investors receive quarterly best-in-class performance reports and are able to participate in regular calls with the Indico team and portfolio. Co-investment opportunities are available and we welcome the close interaction between our investors and our companies. Often, our investors add significant value to the portfolio.

See below about the different types of investment options available.

Institutional and Individual Investors

If you represent an institutional investor, a family office or would like to invest personally, you will be happy to find that we have dozens of institutional and individual investors from all around the world. We also have founders as investors in our funds and we particularly appreciate when past founders are close to our portfolio. Please email us below for more information.

Golden Visa Investors

If you are considering applying for a Golden Visa in Portugal, Indico Funds are fully compliant with the necessary requirements. We have dozens of Golden Visa investors in our funds and many have already gotten their GV. We will soon be accepting investors for a new fund compatible with golden visa and SIFIDE. If you want to know more about this option to invest in our funds, send us an email below.

Investidores Sifide II (option for Portuguese corporates)

Os fundos da Indico são compatíveis com o regime SIFIDE2 e certificados pela ANI (Agência Nacional de inovação). Temos dezenas de empresas Portuguesas que já investiram nos nossos fundos beneficiando deste regime de incentivo fiscal que visa promover o investimento em I&D. A nossa atividade de Venture Capital, com foco total em startups e empresas com grande pendor de inovação, é particularmente ajustada aos objectivos do SIFIDE2. Desde 2018 já analisámos mais de 2700 oportunidades de investimento, todas com grande enfoque em engenharia e ciência, e portanto em I&D. Temos portanto inúmeras oportunidades de investimento e de aplicação de fundos SIFIDE2.
Iremos em breve lançar um novo fundo compatível com os golden visa e SIFIDE. Caso deseje saber mais informações sobre este fundo, por favor envie-nos um mail para a conta abaixo.