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We invest in tech startups and ocean related startups and SMEs. We look for grit and determination. Read below to what it's like to be part of the Indico portfolio.

Get investment for your company

If you are a startup based in Portugal, Spain or Italy, believe you have a unique and scalable solution to a big B2B or B2C problem, and need capital and advice to grow much faster, you should speak to us. We invest between 100k and 10M Euros per company and work together with founders in going from local to global. We invest in startups between pre-seed stages and series A mostly, although we can also invest selectively in later stage opportunities. We also invest in fast-growing small and medium enterprises related to the ocean economy. Since 2018 we have looked at over 4000 investment opportunities, invested in 41 companies, 62 million Euros, and those companies have now raised more than 1.8Bn Euros from global investors. Over the last decade we have backed almost all the Portuguese unicorns and many other successful companies that are on that path, so if you want to be part of the Indico portfolio and access this opportunity, read on.

Pre-Seed startups

If you are a startup (tech or ocean related) at pre-seed stage the best way to join the Indico family is to apply to the Indico Founders Program. We are often the first investors into a startup and when we do invest, quite frequently other investors join right after as well. A pre-seed startup is normally raising from 100k to 1M Euros, frequently has at least a functional MVP (minimum viable  product) and some customers or pilots going on. If this is your case, the Indico Founders Program is the right place to start with us. Fill-in the form below and read the FAQs to know more about this option.

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Post-Seed startups

If you are beyond pre-seed (tech or ocean related), raising above 1M Euros and already have relevant metrics and customers just get in touch on the email below. Make sure you explain, in the deck you will send over email, what is the problem you are solving, how big is the problem (potential market size), how unique and much better than competition your solution is and why your team are the right people to get this done successfully over the next few years. Also add what you have achieved so far and how much capital you are looking to raise, and your main challenges going forward!
The areas below are focus of our tech investments:
Artificial Intelligence
Enterprise SaaS
IOT / Robotics
Security and Privacy

Get investment for your SME - Small and Medium Enterprise

Beyond startups, we also invest in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises / Pequenas e Médias Empresas), through our Blue Fund. This fund is dedicated to investing in ocean related companies that have a positive impact on ocean ecosystems. The Blue fund can invest in startups (see section above) or in SMEs that have a strong growth potential. The Blue Fund invests in startups and SMEs based, or with very significant operations in Portugal. The areas below are the focus of the Blue Fund.
Coastal Tourism
Sustainable Aquaculture
Blue Biotech / Engineered Marine Biology
Sustainable Fisheries
Software (digital ocean)
Ocean Renewable Energy
Maritime Operations (inc. Ports)
Shipbuilding & Repair
Ocean Security
Waste & Circular Economy
Green Shipping
For SMEs, the Blue Fund invests expansion capital of up to 5M Euros per company. The purpose of this expansion capital is to help the companies increase sales, particularly exports, expand margins and become more sustainable in its operations and relations with related stakeholders. Indico works very closely with the entrepreneurs and the SME team to achieve these objectives. Because Indico is a fund, it needs to invest and divest over a 3 to 7 year period, on average, after the initial investment, and entrepreneurs must be willing to potentially exit as well at that stage. That is the business model of funds. To be considered for investment in your SME please send us an email as per below.
We take sustainability seriously and believe that it is our responsibility to do the right thing in terms of Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) which plays a very important role in making all our lives better. We also believe it makes business sense. Check out our Responsibility and Sustainability philosophy here.