We have partnered with ambitious founders that are using technology to solve big problems. Meet the companies below.


Anchorage is the most advanced and secure crypto Digital Asset Platform for institutions.


Barkyn is a subscription for pets. It´s true happiness in a box: food, goodies, vet support and personalized care all-in-one.


Bitcliq is a Boat-to-Buyer fish marketplace connecting fishing fleets to fresh seafood buyers, solving sea-to-plate traceability.


Building the world-leading tech-based B2B marketplace driven by disruptive supply chain technology.


EatTasty uses under-utilized kitchen space for outsourcing the production of its daily lunch menus for hyperlocal delivery.


Infraspeak is an Intelligent CMMS Software that brings flexibility, connectivity and intelligence to your operations.


Nutrium brings nutrition professionals closer to their clients combining a SaaS and marketplace.


Sound Particles is a CGI software for Sound Design, that uses particle systems to generate sounds in a virtual 3D world.

Tier Mobility

TIER Mobility is a micro-mobility operator that aims to provide sustainable, ride-sharing solutions to its customers.


Unbabel allows modern enterprises to understand and be understood by their customers in dozens of languages.


Zenklub is the leading mental and emotional wellbeing platform in Brazil, serving both B2B and B2C customers.


360Hyper is a grocery marketplace allowing multi brands to sell their products to B2B and B2C clients online.


Beeyard is a remote monitoring solution for beehives with the aim of improving productivity in the honey production and pollination operations.


InnovationCast® is the collaborative innovation management software that helps companies engage people to co-create ideas and bring them to life.


Modatta is a marketplace for consented personal data empowered solutions, allowing individuals to learn from and to monetize their personal data.


Onalytics is the beer keg management SaaS for efficient sales logistics, providing smart solutions for logistics management.


Pleasy is a subscription service of an App and bi-monthly Box that helps couples reignite the honeymoon phase all over again.


Skoach is a change management tool for remote or in-office teams creating conditions for teams to stick together and perform better.

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